Stanley No. 5 Defiance


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The Stanley Defiance plane is a good user plane that was made for the homeowner/craftsman. It has a couple of features that allowed it to sell more economically than the Bailey professional model plane. Most notable is using stained hardwood instead of rosewood. This allowed a good savings to Stanley. Also this model never had the 1910 patented frog adjuster mechanism. A feature that was more about marketing than actual ease of use. The cutter is a Stanley cutter and of the finest steel as the same vintage Bailey plane. Stanley named this model “Defiance” after the Defiance model planes that Leonard Bailey made after he left Stanley over a dispute in the 1880’s. Bailey went off and made his own planes and called them the “Defiance” & “Victor” models stemming from his argument with Stanley. Stanley sued him for using his patents he had sold to Stanley and Bailey had to stop making these planes. Stanley again bought all of Bailey’s new designs and rights to model names so they could not be used. More than 35 years later, long after Bailey had passed away, Stanley used the “Defiance” name that they bought from Bailey along with all his patents.

Restored and ready for use!

– All parts disassembled and cleaned
– Bottom lapped flat
– Japanning cleaned
– Base frog mating surfaces cleaned and scraped
– Cutter sharpened to 7000 grit
– Chip breaker dressed to flatness and fit to cutter
– Wood refinished
– Coated with wax rust inhibitor

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 6 in


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