Stanley Bedrock Hand Plane No 606 Type 3 1900-1908


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Stanley Bedrock Hand Plane No 606 Type 3 1900-1908. Rare Piece Hard to come by

Also to confirm that it is a type 3 the frog and the bed both have B markings, the lateral adjustment arm has two patent dates on it, 7-24-88, however these marks are very faint. Lateral adjustment lever pin is loose and will come off but not when iron is installed. PAT’D. APR.2.95. This plane was in rough shape when I first got it but in good working condition now. Does have a chip out of the sole on the back. Plane iron is bent but does not affect usage.

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Weight 7.375 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 2.375 × 7 in


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