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Early Stanley Bedrock No. 605-1/4, cleaned and sharp


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Here we have a cleaned-up Stanley Bedrock 605-1/4. One in which I believe is an early version.

When I took ownership of this plane, it was in rough shape. The tote and knob where badly damaged ,which I replaced are finished in Tru-Oil. The rest of the plane was quite dirty, grimy, you name it. Though, to my surprise, not overly rusted. The sides and bottom had some good dings in it and caused the metal to stand proud around the dings. Normally I wouldn’t do it, but I did take 220 sandpaper and adhered it to a granite slab and gently sanded the sides and bottom of the plane just to smooth things down; I did not over do it I promise; sanding strokes with in one direction. I then spent a lot of time with a Scotch-Brite pad, WD-40, and Simple Green cleaning up the remainder of the plane. The nuts and bolts were soaked in Evaporust and cleaned on a wire wheel.

*Brand: Stanley Bedrock
*Size: No. 605-1/4
*Type Study: Type 7 (1923-1926) to type 8 (1927-1930) based on various published type studies. I’ve read that the 605-1/4 was introduced in 1926. I do believe this is an early 605-1/4 based on the bed casting. Most of the 605-1/4 I have seen where type 9 and later, and this is definitely earlier.
*Castings: No cracks or repairs. Scratches and dings obvious. I do believe this plane probably spend some of its life in the hands of school students. One nice thing about this plane though… the casting is pretty thick, notice how the cheeks are pretty thick on this one.
*Japanning: Original, and vast majority of it is there.
*Knob: Not original. The original was broken and missing part of its base. I have replaced it the correct front knob for the type and knob receiver boss. Current knob is in excellent condition, no cracks nor major chips.
*Tote: Not original. The original was broken quite badly beyond suitable repair. Current tote is in very good condition, no cracks, but minor chip near the brass bolt.
*Blade: Long, and really nice shape. It had been sharpened by hand for some time and was skewed almost an 1/8”. I reestablished cutting edge. The primary bevel is at 25 degrees, with a very sharp secondary bevel at 30 degrees. With the slightest of rounded edges. I sharpened in on Japanese water stones to 10,000 grit and stropped it. It is about as sharp as it gets.
*Chip Breaker: Good shape. I also worked on the chip breaker to make sure it mates to the blade properly without any gap.
*Lever Cap: Very nice shape. One corner of it was slightly sanded back; perhaps to hide an old chip at one time. I spend a little time on it and made it straight across; very little material was removed to do this.
*Frog: Very nice and in good working order. Lateral lever moves freely. Depth adjustment tightens and loosens all the way with out any high friction spots.
*Bottom: Smooth, non-corrugated. Scratched from use and a bit dinged up. Pretty sure some student, or students did somethings maybe they weren’t supposed to do with it! But functionally, I was able to make some fine shaving with it still.
*Mouth: Original in size (opening not enlarged). A bit dinged up as discussed earlier.

*Because of the current value of these planes, and its rarity, I have built a crate to put it in for shipping. The plane will be partially dismantled, and parts wrapped, to also protect it during shipping.
Thank you for looking!

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