Black Pine Axe Wax, 4 oz Tin


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Get your 4 oz tin of Black Pine Axe Wax today! Great for restoring and protecting all sorts of things!

Black Pine Axe Wax works well on:
– Wood – preventing water penetration and rot
– Leather – preventing water penetration and mold
– Steel – preventing rust
– Copper & Brass – preventing tarnish
– Bone & Antler – protection from wear and tear
– Plastics – protection from wear and tear

All items will take on a noticeable smooth, colorizing shine! Black Pine Axe Wax works well to bring out the natural colors of the item you rub it on. The wax appears black due to the addition of pine tar which does wonders to items such as wood.
Also makes a wonderful hand cream!

Important note: this wax is not necessarily food safe in large quantities, and is designed specifically for use on tools or other items not intended for use in cooking or eating. That being said, ingesting just a small amount would not be harmful.

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