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Buying Process

Buying step-by-step

Buying on ReTool is easy. There are only a few simple steps that will take you from discovering tools to having them in your hand.

Finding an item

Browse through listings by filtering what you are looking for. Categories are organized to help keep the discovery of your next tool easy. Filter though tools for particular trades, brands, condition, price and more.

Contact the Seller

  • Message the seller through our secure direct messaging if you have any questions about the item you are interested in. Typical questions about the item include it’s condition or usability. Never move the conversation outside of ReTool.
  • Look at the Seller’s reviews. The feedback they receive from previous sales is an excellent indicator of their trustworthiness within the community.
  • Once you’ve decided you want the item, you can buy it or offer a new price.

Checkout & Pay

Once you’ve talked with the seller, agreed upon a price and the item has been added to your cart, you can check out using PayPal. 

Make sure to stay on ReTool throughout the entire buying process. Communicating and paying through ReTool is the only way to ensure your security and protection. You’ll be covered if anything goes wrong with your purchase.  

At Checkout

  • From your cart you can either use the express checkout through PayPal or proceed to the checkout page.
  • Enter your address and other information. Double check it to make sure it is correct. 
  • Proceed through the secure PayPal payment gateway to complete your purchase. 

Receive your item

  • The seller has 3 days from purchase of an item to ship it.
  • Keep an eye on the order status. You will be notified once your order has shipped and a tracking number will be provided to you.
  • Keep in touch with the seller throughout the shipping process – your order will be delivered soon!
  • One you receive your item you can go to your "Purchases" page and click "Complete Order" button. This will let the seller know you are happy with your purchase. 

Let us know if there is an issue

Please contact us within 2 days of receiving your order if:

    • The item has been damaged in transit.
    • Is significantly not as described from the listing. 
    • The item has been marked as delivered but did not actually arrive. 

If you have an issue with your purchase, try to work it out with the seller first. Issues can often be resolved this way. 

Please contact us if you need us to step in. We will review the case and give you a refund if applicable.

Important to know:

If you experience any improper behavior, harassment, or spam activity from other members, report them so that we may put a stop to it.

Buyer Protection

ReTool's Buyer Protection

It is a top priority of ours to provide you with safety and security to allow for a confident buying experience. In order to achieve this, we add a Buyer Protection fee whenever you pay through ReTool. The fee consists of:

  • 3.5% of your item’s price (excluding taxes and shipping cost)
  • A fixed fee of $0.75

You will see the total Buyer Protection fee amount calculated to the final price of your item at the checkout page.

To learn more about the benefits that you get from our Buyer Protection policy please visit our Terms & Policies page.

Making Offers

How to make an offer

  1. If the seller allows offers to be made on an item you will see the "Make an Offer" button next to the "Add to Cart" button
  2. If the Seller is offering multiples of the product, you will see a field to input the quantity of the item you would like the purchase 
  3. Enter the amount you would like to pay (per item if buying multiple) - you will see the total amount of the offer at the bottom of the Offer pop up window
  4. Make sure your email address is correct or change it to another preferred email address
  5. Add a message to the seller under "Offer Notes"  if you'd like
  6. Check the "I agree to pay if my offer is accepted" box
  7. Click the "Submit Offer" button

What happens after an offer is submitted?

After you submit your offer you will get a confirmation message that your offer has been sent. You will also get an email confirmation of your offer and it's details. The seller will receive a notification of your offer on ReTool and through email as well.

Once your offer is submitted the seller will have 24 hours to respond. They will have the option to accept, counter or decline your offer. If they do not respond within 24 hours the offer will expire. 

Please note: Other ReTool users will still have the ability to make offers or buy the item at full price at any time while your offer is pending. 

My offer was accepted. What now?

You will receive an email notifying you that your offer has been accepted. In order to purchase the item at the accepted offer price you must click on the "Click to Pay" button on the email you received. Once you click the "Click to Pay" button you will be redirected to your shopping cart where you will see the item at the new price. Proceed with the checkout as you normally would

Please note: Once your offer is accepted you will have 72 hours to complete the purchase. If the purchase is not completed within this timeframe the item will be placed back onto the ReTool catalog at it's original price.

Are you required to make a purchase if your offer is submitted?

If your offer is accepted by the seller, or if you accept the seller's counter offer, the item will be considered purchased by you. You will receive a notification that your offer has been accepted and the item will be placed in your cart at the agreed upon price for you to complete the purchase.

We allow up to 72 hours for buyers to complete a purchase. Please message the seller if there will be any delays in payment. 

What will happen if I don't pay for my accepted offer?

It is strongly frowned upon by ReTool and by sellers on ReTool to abandon offers or counter offers that have been accepted. Please only make offers on items that you fully intend on purchasing if your offer is accepted. 

Buyers with multiple abandoned orders on ReTool will be subject to account suspension.

Shipping 101

How to track your package

Tracking your package is easy on ReTool. You will receive an email with a tracking link once the seller has shipped the item.

What to do when your package is delayed/lost

When to Reach Out:

For domestic shipments, we would ask that you wait 14 days from the last carrier scan to reach out to ReTool.

For international shipments, we would ask that you wait 30 days from the last carrier scan to reach out to ReTool.

The timelines above are when we can file lost package claims with the shipping carriers, so please make sure to only reach out after the above times are met. 

What if the seller never ships my order?

After a purchase is made on ReTool, we give our sellers 3 business days to ship the order. Occasionally, sellers may need to extend this timeframe if external obstacles arise. In those cases, they are responsible for messaging the buyer to inform them of the extension, and issuing a refund if necessary.

If 3 business days have passed since your purchase was completed and there have been no messages from the seller, the order will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund.

Please note: Business days do not include Saturday or Sundays.

My order was marked "delivered" but I never received it

Occasionally, carriers may scan your shipment as delivered, but nothing has actually arrived at your doorstep. Here are the steps to take if this happens:

  1. Confirm the shipping address that was entered during payment is correct. You can view this on your Purchases page. 
  2. Check with your surrounding neighbors and around your residence. Sometimes carriers will drop the package off at a neighboring address by mistake.
  3. Contact the seller and ReTool Support within 48 hours of your item being marked "Delivered" if you have not received it.
  4. Allow the carrier an additional 48 hours from the time you contact the seller and ReTool for your package to arrive. The shipping status update may have been initiated in error, and your package will generally show up within the next couple days. 
  5. Contact the carrier who is delivering the package. The local post office, UPS store, or FedEx location may be holding the package there.

ReTool's buyer protection

It is a top priority of ours to provide you with safety and security to allow for a confident buying experience. In order to achieve this, we add a Buyer Protection fee whenever you pay through ReTool. The fee consists of:

    • 3.5% of your item’s price (excluding taxes and shipping cost)
    • A fixed amount of $0.75

You will see the total Buyer Protection fee amount calculated to the final price of your item at the checkout page.

Learn more about the benefits that you get from our Buyer Protection policy.

  • Selling Process
  • Listing Items
  • Shipping 101
  • Seller Protection

Selling Process

Selling step-by-step

1. Build a trusted store
  • Add a description about yourself and your store in your Store Settings to let potential customers know a little about you and the types of tools you sell.
  • Add a store banner and icon to help make your store look more attractive to potential buyers.
2. List your items
  • Find out what you can sell on ReTool by reviewing our Inventory Rules on our Terms & Policies page.
  • Add a few crisp, detailed and well-lit photos of the item. Keep in mind photos are automatically cropped to a 1:1 (square) ratio on ReTool. We allow up to 10 photos per listing.
  • Be specific and honest in the item's description.
  • Input the correct weight and dimensions.
  • Remember there are no fees for listing, and uploading more items can help you sell faster.
3. Receive offers
  • Buyers can make offers on your items that you can then accept, counter or decline. 
  • Communicate with the buyer to come to a price. Once accepted, the buyer will have 72 hours to complete the purchase. 
Stay on ReTool throughout the entire selling process — from communicating to receiving your payment. This way, we will be able to cover you in case something unexpected happens.
4. Ship your items when they sell
  • When an item of yours sells, you will receive a order confirmation email to your account email address. You will also receive a separate email containing the prepaid shipping label. 
  • Pack your item. A personal touch is always nice.
  • Ship the item within 3 working days of the sale. 
  • You can track your package on ReTool.
5. Get paid
  • You will receive your payment to your PayPal account (less the PayPal fees of 3.49% + $0.49) within 2 days of delivery.
  • Leave feedback for your buyers to help build trust within the community.
Good to know
  • If you experience improper behavior, harassment or spam activities from other members, report it so we can immediately put a stop to it.

How to list an item for sale

1. Get Started

Click the "Sell" button in the site's main header.

2. Add Basic Information

Fill out the single-page listing form to get your item up on ReTool and sold quickly. In this field, you'll fill out some basic information about your item such as brand, model, year, etc. Try to fill out this form to the best of your abilities.

3. Photos

If you haven't done so already, get some good photos of the item you're selling. Be sure to take clear photos with good light in order to properly display the item's condition so your buyer knows exactly what they'll be receiving.

Each listing is allowed up to 10 photos.

Please Note: Photos are automatically cropped to a 1:1 ratio (square) when displayed on the product page and in thumbnails when visible throughout the site.

4. Add a Description

The description should be as thorough as possible, make sure you disclose any defects, quirks or issues about your item that may effect the value or usability of it in order to avoid any complications after your buyer receives it. Add the history behind the tool you're selling if you know it, or any other cool information the buyer would like to know about it!

If you copy and paste any technical specs of the item from a manufacturer, it would be appreciated if you'd credit the source.

5. Save & Review Your Listing

Finally, click "Add Product" at the bottom of the page and your listing will be immediately added onto the site's catalog and on your store page.

You can also click "Save Draft" if you are not done editing the listing and want to complete it later. This will save your listing, allowing you to preview it and make any necessary tweaks before publishing it. If everything looks in order, click "edit" on your item in your listings page and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page - your listing will now be live!

Once your listing is live, keep an eye on your email inbox for updates on messages, offers, and purchases from other ReTool users. 

Happy Selling!

Does ReTool have selling fees?

ReTool does not charge any fees for listing or selling tools. The only cost sellers will be responsible for is PayPal's transaction fee of 3.49% + $0.49.

PayPal may take additional fees from the payout to your account if your PayPal account is a business account. These additional fees are out of our control. 

My item was bought with a discount

  • ReTool is currently offering discounts to first time buyers and to users who invite their friends to join ReTool. If an item of yours has been purchased with a discount - don't worry! You will receive a payout that reflects a full price purchase of your listing. 

What can I sell on ReTool?

Our Inventory Rules allow selling:

  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Tool storage such as tool bags, tool boxes, chests, and pouches
  • Workwear such as clothing from Duluth Trading, Carhartt, Dickies, Ariat, Thorogood etc. 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, hardhats and gloves
  • Ephemera related to the tool and construction industry such as manuals, pamphlets, vintage brochures, displays and signage
What you cannot sell
  • Counterfeit items
  • Food, drinks, prescription products, medications, professional medical supplies, vitamins, food supplements
  • Items that promote or display violence, discrimination, hatred, crime, terrorism, or a terroristic organization
  • Items for pets
  • Sports, music equipment, or video games
  • Kitchen tools or accessories used to make and store food

Did you see a prohibited item uploaded by another member?

We are constantly monitoring the catalog and removing any prohibited items. However, we don’t always notice them immediately. It would be a huge help if you could report listings that violate our rules.

Listing Items

How to edit a listing

1. Head to your Listings Page.

2. Locate the listing you'd like to edit, and click the "Edit" button.

3. Update the listing information, and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

4. All done!


Item conditions

The item condition helps users filter listings and find items more easily. Please stay as objective as possible when deciding which condition your item falls into.

  • New: Brand New condition is for products listed by authorized dealers that are in the same flawless condition as they were when they left the factory floor, and are covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty.

If you are not an authorized dealer, you cannot list brand new unless you handmade the item yourself. If you are reselling a tool that you bought brand new from a retailer—even if it has never been used—it automatically falls under the Mint condition since it may no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty.

  • Mint: For something to truly be mint, it needs to be just shy of New. Mint items should include the original packaging in most cases. If there's any sort of imperfection, the item should be listed in Excellent condition at best.
  • Excellent: When something's been used a bit but is still close to new, you can file it under Excellent. For modern tools, Excellent items are almost entirely free of blemishes and other visual defects and have been used with the utmost care. For vintage items, there may be some marks here and there, but the item is still in the top echelon when compared to similar examples. All Excellent items should be 100% functional in every way.
  • Very good: Very Good describes items with more cosmetic imperfections than Excellent but is still in great condition overall. With a Very Good handsaw, for example, you might find some scratches, wear on the handle, or other minor blemishes but nothing that affects the usability or function of the tool.
  • Good: Good condition includes items that are in fine working order but have some visual imperfections. A hand plane with scratches or dents on it's tote, a drill with some tears in the rubber handle, or maybe an old bandsaw with some rust on the frame could all be classified as Good. All of these items work just fine but have enough visual imperfections to only be in the middle of the scale.
  • Fair: Used a lot and has defects, which are clearly shown and mentioned in your listing.

Buyers might cancel the order and return the item if it's condition is significantly worse than the listing suggested. Thus, it’s always safer to choose a poorer condition if you’re in doubt.

We may hide a listing if we see that a wrong condition is chosen.

Listing guidelines

Great listings from makers and tradesmen are what makes ReTool the best marketplace for tools. To keep searching, selling, buying and learning on ReTool an awesome experience we enforce the following guidelines for listings.

Many of the following issues may result in listing suspension, and repeated issues may result in account suspension. Make sure to check out these potential issues before listing on ReTool.

Occasionally, we will suspend a listing if it doesn't follow our listing guidelines. We will always follow up with an email that details the reason for suspension and the steps that sellers can take to adjust their listings for un-suspension.

Image Issues

Additional Pictures Needed: Very few images were provided for the listing.  We allow up to 10 images per listing, so we encourage you to upload more images to give potential buyers a better idea of what you’re selling.

Boxed or Packaged Images: Listings on ReTool must include original photos of the item taken outside of its box or packaging. The listing's description can include details stating that the package was opened solely for the purpose of the photographs.

Incorrect Images: The listing contains photos that are not representative of the item being advertised. All listings must contain photos of the actual item listed for sale.

Image Collage: This type of image is not allowed. These images need to be removed or replaced with full photos of the item for sale.

Non-Original Images: The listing contains photos not supplied by the seller. Listings on ReTool may only use original images taken by the seller who is listing the item.

Partial Item Photos: The listing does not include photos of the entire item for sale.  Additional photos are needed on your listing. Buyers need to see all the details of your item to make a confident purchase. 

People or Pets in Photos: The listing contains non-relevant images. 

Photo Quality: The listing contains poor-quality photos. Clear, detailed photos can not only inspire buyer confidence and lead to faster sales, but also they can help protect you from unnecessary claims or returns. 

Placeholder Images: The listing is missing photos of the actual item for sale. All listings should display photos showing the actual product for sale.

Screenshots: This type of image is not allowed on ReTool. Screenshots created from a computer or mobile device often contain elements from the device’s user interface and are lower resolution than full size photographs.

Stock Images: The listing is missing photos of the actual item for sale. Only authorized dealers are permitted to use stock photos on ReTool listings. All other listings must include original photos from the current owner showing the exact item for sale.

Text or Graphics on Images: The listing contains photos with added text, borders, manufacturer logos, or other distracting alterations. Listings should only include high-resolution images that keep the focus on the item for sale.

Trademark Infringement: The listing contains reproductions of trademarked material.  Due to federal trademark law, items containing copies of trademarked logo designs are not permitted on the site.

Item Description Issues

Additional Information / Details Needed: The listing is missing important information about the item for sale. To help potential buyers feel more confident in buying your item, please include all relevant information such as specs, serial numbers, modifications, and condition details.

Contact Information Present: The listing contained personal contact information.  We require all communication about an item or sale to take place on the ReTool platform only.

Explicit / Offensive Imagery: The item contains offensive references or imagery. ReTool is a fully inclusive marketplace and we do our best to make sure all content on the site is accessible and appropriate for all audiences.

Inappropriate Language: The listing contains offensive language. ReTool is a fully inclusive international marketplace and we do our best to make sure all content on the site is accessible and appropriate for all audiences.

Incomplete Description: The language provided in the listing does not adequately describe the item for sale. Listings with more detailed descriptions give potential buyers a more accurate picture of what they’re viewing, lead to faster sales, and can help you avoid unnecessary claims or returns.

Incorrect Category: The item was listed in the wrong product category. To ensure your item reaches the correct audience and is fully searchable on the site, it's important that the listing matches the correct item category within our database.

Incorrect Condition: The wrong condition was selected for the item. Based on the photos and description provided, it has been determined that the condition selected for the listing does not match the state of the product being sold.

Item Correction: This item was listed as the wrong product.

Multiple Products: Listings that offer multiple items for individual sale are not allowed. Sellers may have multiple items bundled into a “lot” sale, however items are not allowed to be sold individually through one consolidated listing.

Multiple Product Options: The listing contains multiple product options (finishes, configurations, sizes, etc). ReTool does not currently support custom options for listings. Each listing in your shop must represent the specific item the buyer will be receiving for their purchase.

Offsite Language: The listing contains language encouraging communication outside of ReTool. We do not allow users to solicit offsite transactions on ReTool.

Trade Language: The listing contains language regarding possible trades for tools. We do not allow users to solicit item-for-item trades on ReTool.

Trademark Language: This listing contains trademark-infringing words or phrases. Due to federal trademark law, trademarked brand names, words, or phrases are not permitted in listings.

Unauthorized Brand New Condition: The listing is not eligible for use of the ‘Brand New’ condition. Unless you are an authorized dealer or the item is handmade, you may not sell items listed as ‘Brand New’ on ReTool, even if the item is unused.

Unrelated / Unnecessary Keywords: The listing contains non-relevant brand names, words or phrases. Use of irrelevant brand names or keywords is not allowed.

Unusual / Incorrect Pricing: The listing price is higher or lower than usual.  While we do not dictate prices on ReTool, we do encourage pricing to reflect market demand. Intentionally pricing outside a reasonable window (such as extreme overpricing in order to advertise a misleadingly large price drop for the item) is not allowed.

Prohibited Items and Actions

Duplicate Listings: There is already a listing for this item in your shop. ReTool prohibits duplicate listings for the same item. Ending and recreating a listing is also prohibited.

Not Related to Tools: The listed item for sale is not related to tools or the storage and use of tools. ReTool is a marketplace for buying and selling tools and related items.

Services: ReTool does not permit special services to be sold on the site. In an effort to protect buyers and sellers on ReTool, we are unable to support cases where items are being delivered to a seller, modified, and then returned to a buyer.

Trademark Infringing Item: The design and specifications of the item violate one or more trademarks. Because construction of the item is in violation of corporate trademarks or patents, it may not be sold on ReTool due to federal trademark law.

Want Ad: This type of listing is not allowed on the site.  ReTool listings are explicitly reserved for sellers who have tools and related items for sale. 

Describing an item

A detailed and thorough item description makes your listing easier to find as well as more appealing to buyers. Increase your chances of selling faster by following our tips below.

Item’s title

To create a descriptive title: 

  • Include specific details about the item, e.g., its make, color, material type, or unique features.
  • Avoid words that don’t specify how this item differs from the rest, e.g. ‘nice’, or ‘good’. 

Detailed description

Item description should include important details and provide accurate information to help buyers decide if it’s the right item for them.

A detailed description should include information about:

  • Size of the item
  • Material (e.g. rosewood handle)
  • Item’s modifications 
  • Missing parts 
  • Condition of the item and if it is in proper working order

Please don’t add unrelated brand names or words to the item description. Otherwise, we’ll have to hide or delete such items. 

Make sure you describe the item’s flaws, if any, and also show them in your pictures. This will help you avoid the buyer being disappointed with the item and returning it.

How to take photos of your item

Having more photos (up to 10 per listing) and ensuring their quality will help you attract a buyer’s attention and sell more quickly.

Here are the things to keep in mind when taking photos and adding them to your listing:

Please Note: Photos are automatically cropped to a 1:1 ratio (square) when displayed on the product page and in thumbnails when visible throughout the site.

  1. Full view
    Show the entire item in the first picture. Collages are not allowed.
  2. Use your own images
    Stock photos, watermarked images and other pictures you find online are not permitted by anyone other than authorized dealers.
  3. Capture the true condition
    Take will- lit pictures that accurately represent the condition of the item. Don't use filters to enhance images. 
  4. Different angles
    Take photos of the item from several angles to make the listing more appealing and complete.
  5. Close-up of important features
    Attach close-up photos of important features that aren’t visible in other photos. This may include the item’s logo, patent stamping and serial numbers.
  6. Show the defects
    Show the item’s defects if there are any. If you don’t mention them, the buyer might want to cancel the order and return the item.

Shipping 101

Shipping basics

Who pays for shipping?

The cost of shipping is always covered by buyers. It is added to the item’s price as a part of the total buyer’s purchase.

Buyers decide how you should ship

When a buyer purchases a listing of yours, they select their preferred carrier. Currently ReTool offers USPS, UPS and FedEx.

Shipping timeline 

You’ll have 3 business days to send a sold item.

Shipping labels

You will receive an email with a prepaid shipping label when your item sells. Just download it, print it, and stick it to the package. 

You can track the package with the tracking number that is printed on the shipping label.

How long do I have to ship after I sold an item?

Shipping timeline 

You’ll have 3 working days to send a sold item. If you happen to miss this deadline, we’ll have no choice but to cancel the order and refund the buyer.

If you know that your shipment will be delayed, the first thing you should do is message the buyer directly to inform them of the delay and see if they are OK with a delayed shipment.

Please note: ReTool will not automatically cancel delayed or unshipped orders if we see that an agreement has been made via on-site messaging.

If the buyer is unwilling to wait, please issue a refund and re-list the item.

Seller Protection

How Do I Qualify for ReTool Protection?

To be able to qualify for seller protection provided by ReTool the following criteria must be met:

  • Sales must be completed through the ReTool platform
  • Records of both the payment and shipping information must be available on the ReTool platform
  • Disputes must be communicated within 2 days of an order being marked "delivered."

How Do Issues Get Resolved?

  1. The very first thing you should do is contact the buyer through ReTool's direct messaging. Most issues can be solved between the buyer and seller.
  2. If you're unable to come to an agreement with the buyer, please contact us. We will be happy to step in and help resolve the issue.
  3. As long as we see that you have made a reasonable effort to come to a solution and are cooperative in our attempts to resolve the issue, your account will remain in good standing on the ReTool platform.
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